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Jordan Takimoto, UX Designer

I am a UX designer based in Sacramento, CA. I am currently looking for employment opportunities in the UX field. With my background in economics, I understand that people’s time is a scarce resource. As a result, I am passionate about improving the design of digital products to help people maximize their efficiency using a product.

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Humanitarian Helpers

Volunteer Application and Responsive Website Case Study

Humanitarian Helpers is a fictional Sacramento based organization that consolidates local volunteer opportunities and helps potential volunteers register for these opportunities. Those who are interested in volunteering have had trouble knowing where to start finding volunteer opportunities. For those who are able to find opportunities, they usually cannot find a clear description for what each volunteer job entails. The purpose of this case study is to provide users with a cross platform digital experience that address both of these needs.



Quiz Taking Website Case Study

EduQuiz is a fictional quiz taking website that partners with various online universities. EduQuiz provides its users a platform to complete their quizzes for their online courses. Users need a quiz taking platform that is easy and simple to use. They need a quiz taking platform where the results of the quiz reflect each student’s actual ability instead of issues with the platform.


California Cafe

Cafe Menu/Ordering App Case Study

California Café is a fictional café located in Sacramento, CA. California Café is a brand new café, so it does not have an ordering app. Customers need an easy way to order food when they are out running errands. They want a mobile ordering experience that matches the in-dining ordering experience. This app was designed with these user needs in mind.

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I would love to hear from you. Send me an email or view my LinkedIn below.

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